Miron Hauser's music as an hommage to Cuba

Several years ago I read a great book on the history of Cuban music where the author writes: People often ask me why am I interested in Cuban music. The short answer would be – because I have good taste.“ I have borrowed his answer often when someone asks me the same questions. I can relate to his sincere and direct explanation.

Tu fragancia is Miron's personal reinterpretation of different Cuban popular and folklore genres. The programme was premiered in May 2016 in the Croatian Radiotelevision Orchestra concert season at the Gorgona Hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. After Zagreb, the programme was performed throughout Croatia, then in Slovenia, Italy and recently in Romania at the International Festival of Radio Orchestras. The music is written for big band and a percussion section of well-known latin masters – members of Cubismo latin jazz band (Hrvoje Rupčić) and the Cuban musician Lazaro Amed Hierrezuelo Zumeta. Tu fragancia is an hommage to Cuban culture, but also its reinterpretation. For tis energetic and rhythmically rich mixture of jazz and latin – it is loved by wider audience.


The greatest salsa masters in this part of the world have come together in a new band called Salsa Sandunga and they promise nothing more but a top dance party! Seven musicians coming from Croatia and Slovenia led by the charismatic Cuban singer Lazaro Hierrezuela, will make even the most lazy butts hit the dance floor! Their repertoire is made of only the greatest salsa hits from Cuba, Porto Rico and the rest of Latin America. With Lazaro's authentic voice, you will instantly find yourself in the middle of the Carribean. Conjunto Sangunga is an absolute new hit on the European salsa scene which cannot be missed! The best dance night out is guaranteed!


Miron Hauser remained closely related to his native region of Istria from where are lots of Croatian jazz musicians which, as himself, studied abroad. Under the initiative of the trumpetist Branko Sterpin, also from Istria, in 2014 these musicans gathered under the Jazzistra Orchestra big band which has been active since then. New compositions and arrangement from the orchestra members, leadership and collaborations with great soloists from the regios is their artistic path. Jazzistra Orchestra has been organizing several concerts per year in Istria and outside the region. Miron Hauser has written a number of compositions and arrangements for the Orchestra, but has also been participating as tenor trombonist and conductor.


B’s FUNstallation is currently one of the most active ensembles of the Croatian jazz scene. Under that name are six jazz musicians of the younger generation, gathered in 2012 by the trumpet player Zvonimir Bajević. A joint project, in which creative realization is fully open and encouraged by each of its members. Miron Hauser has been a member of the sextet from the beginning, not only as a trombonist, but also as a composer and arranger.  B’s FUNstallation had released two albums, from which the first one named Sixto, after Miron’s composition from the album, was nominated for the Croatian discography award Porin in the category of the best jazz album. Members of the band are: Mario Bočić, tenor-saxophone; Miron Hauser, trombone; Zvonimir Bajević, trompet, flugelhorn; Luka Žužić, keyboards, trombone; Goran Rukavina, doublebass, bass guitar and Adriano Bernobić, drums.

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February 12th, 2019 08:00 pm
Zadar, Puppet Theatre

Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra feat. Cubismo

Miron Hauser, conductor

February 6th, 2019 08:00 pm
Zagreb, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gorgona Hall

Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra feat. Jesse Davis

Miron Hauser, conductor

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